Your Ancestors are Waiting for You!

Gogo's Vision - A Healers' Harbor
Through Unified Synergy Ascentâ„¢ 

Through Collaboration you create Community. With community you gain Courage to act with Compassion. You're committed to raising your ancestral energetic vibration to live a legacy of wisdom and abundance.

Unified efforts create Synergy, that produces a result greater than what could be attained alone. This synergy enables you to ascend to the heights of your dreams and goals. This synergy is like a wave of energy that expands and embraces all life.

Your ancestors are the source of this energetic field.  Some are still struggling and need our healing. Most are waiting for you to connect to their wise energy, to know you're never alone. They want to guide you through challenging times, because they've seen so much. With their help we can solve all of our problems and those of the earth.

That's my vision, an energetic flow that connects us all and overcomes the energy that divides.

Who Is Gogo Griot?

Gogo Griot is the elder aunt you've always wanted. She shares wisdom easily, her presence and voice are equally healing. And she really, truly cares about YOU.

She's lived a varied and interesting life which included work as a performance artist, non-profit community work, writer, author, oral storyteller, registered nurse, and entrepreneur. But it is her continuing years of spiritual practice including participation as a Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Sufi, and finally as a Vajrayana Buddhist that led her to realize her calling as an ancestral energy healer. 

In addition, she studied Toltec ancestral healing with Jen, the Rainmaker, Alvarez, is a Reiki Master, and a certified life coach. After her own transformational ancestral healing, Gogo began giving group and individual healings. The response from participants confirmed her calling.

The Experience of Ancestral Healing with Gogo Griot

Sierra Frost

I feel emotionally released from abusive patterns done by my own family which makes me more able to move on now.

Leah Moore

Since the last session, I have received powerful insights and tools to self-regulate my nervous system in the moment I feel triggered. Yay!

Diny van den Bout

The process helped me to let go of deep pain and trauma. The space felt absolutely safe and warm and peaceful.

Gogo Speaks

Gogo Griot shares decades of wisdom, talents, and knowledge to help you achieve your highest dreams and goals. 

Listen to Gogo's podcasts HERE.

Learn about her weekly live practices for peace HERE.


P. O. Box 2294, Homer, AK. 99603

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