Skywalker! Your Shorebird Festival presentation Friday night for “On the Wing” was fabulous! Thank you. Every person listening was spellbound. From the moment your exquisite crane graced the stage in dance we were captured. Your every word invoking tender awe and respect for our feather friends. What fun it was listening! What a lovely tale you spun. You are a wonderful storyteller.

Sue Christiansen, Physicians Assistant, Homer, AK

Storytelling Art Creates Revelations of Enlightening Delight. Storytelling is as essential to humanity as breathing. Stories create culture, reveal history, explain spirituality, maintain families, comfort after disasters, and teach.

With a degree in storytelling and a lifetime of experience as a writer, community organizer, and nurse, She Speaks in Stories offers customized workshops, consulting, or speaking events on the following topics and themes:

    • Living in the moment
    • The power of gratitude
    • Creating community with diversity
    • Self-Healing – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically
    • Overcoming fear and inertia
    • Moving through and accepting change
    • Navigating age, disease, and end of life challenges

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We were pleased and proud to host your performance, “The Wish of a Woman,” at the Freedom Center. Your performances embraced the Center’s mission of linking stories from the past with contemporary freedom struggles and your passion for storytelling kept the audience enraptured. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Maria Seda-Reeder, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center