Below are selected stories from programs performed by Skywalker Payne. (Click on titles or video to view) Please contact She Speaks In Stories using the Contact Form or call 907-229-0187 to arrange one of these programs, or others, for your organization, group, or event.

In her telling of this classic Japanese folktale, Skywalker takes the audience from laughter to concern with a dramatic empathetic ending.



Make Enemies Friends is a short lesson on peace making from the program, Peace Will Be Our Applause.




Lysistrata 2050 an original retelling for a future peaceful world.






The Freedom Bird, a folktale, opens Mysterious Tracks – Tales of the Underground Railroad.



Follow the Drinking Gourd explains the meaning of the song that explains a route black slaves followed to gain their freedom.





The Case of Ralph Montgomery tells how Iowa established freedom for black slaves by law.