Skywalker! Your Shorebird Festival presentation Friday night for “On the Wing” was fabulous! Thank you. Every person listening was spellbound. From the moment your exquisite crane graced the stage in dance we were captured. Your every word invoking tender awe and respect for our feather friends. What fun it was listening! What a lovely tale you spun. You are a wonderful storyteller. – Sue Christiansen, Physicians Assistant, Homer, AK

Skywalker’s keen awareness of her audience and her ability to adapt the material to meet their needs was evident in the sensitive programming and delivery of stories to a diverse audience. We found her storytelling gift to deliver entertainment, as well as courage and wisdom; to offer reflection, as well as growth. Her use of interesting visual and transitioning techniques throughout the storytelling presentations was a special treat for her audience. Young people are asking, “When will she be coming back?” – Diane Kebede, Educational Coordinator, Edmunds Academy of Fine Arts

We were pleased and proud to host your performance, “The Wish of a Woman,” at the Freedom Center. Your performances embraced the Center’s mission of linking stories from the past with contemporary freedom struggles and your passion for storytelling kept the audience enraptured. I look forward to working with you again in the future. – Maria Seda-Reeder, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance. You had us under your spell. I look forward to seeing more of your work. – Carol Spaulding, Drake University

With dignity and humor, Skwalker pulls together history, culture, literature and music for a thoroughly entertaining and educational event. – Rebecca S. Rump, Southeastern Community College

I have known Skywalker for many years. She definitely has strong oral and written communication skills as evidenced by articles/blogs she writes regularly and, of course, her storytelling acumen. – Gretchen Ann Groth, Ph.D, Organizational & Diversity Consultant, Denver, CO

Your talent = Enormous. Your generosity = Extreme. You’re the kindest and finest storyteller we’ve seen! Your stories were intriguing, engaging, and full of images. We are so grateful to you. – Barb D. Boose Children and Family Day

Wearing an outfit as colorful as the stories she told, Skywalker Payne mesmerized an estimated 50 children. Ranging from kindergartners to preteens, they listened intently as Payne sat before them in the giant meeting room at the Des Moines Public Library. Although she spoke softly, her voice boomed. – Abby Simons, Des Moines Register