Admit it, you’d love to be immortal. Maybe not physically, you’ve seen too many frightening vampire movies, but you’d like your work to last forever. Possibly not the actual physical creations, but what you did. You’d like to be remembered like Ford, or Rockefeller, or Shakespeare. You may not say it aloud but every entrepreneur, artist, inventor, or businessperson begins his or her journey because immortality is a deep-seated, if unconscious, motivation.

How do you achieve immortality? Your immortality rests in the stories you tell and leave for posterity. Who else could better summarize this, than a leading storyteller and creator of immortality?

The thing we do most of all is tell stories to each other. And in the telling of stories, in the making of things, we create a kind of immortality.  Ken Burns, interview in September 2017, Entrepreneur

“O.K.,” you say. That’s all good and well for Ken Burns, his business is telling stories through films. But your business is different. You’re a marketer, or salesperson, or software developer, or coach, or investment advisor, or yoga teacher, or political consultant, or non-profit director.

You’ve heard storytelling is an essential 21st-century organization tool. You’ve seen it touted by Branson of Virgin Records and articles in Entrepreneur and the Harvard Business Review. And maybe you’ve even looked at a few websites of high-priced storytelling consultants. Your business doesn’t provide the time to read every storytelling article or the budget for a storytelling consultant.


Photo by Daniel H. Tong, Unsplash