You may wonder why a person would want to start a storytelling business in this increasingly technological age. How can a live storyteller beat the power of virtual reality or an app you have access to 24/7 on your cell phone?

When your battery fails, or the grid gets overloaded, or you’re “out of range” what remains is the human storyteller.

Storytelling is the thread connecting the varied and colorful blocks of people, cultures, countries, nature, and experiences into the quilt of humanity.

Like many of you, when I was a child I wanted to be many things based on whatever book I was reading at that moment. But this multiplicity of interests continued into adulthood. I wanted to be a published writer, but writing college courses were unsatisfactory. I wanted to be a dancer but I couldn’t learn the teacher’s choreography. I wanted to be an actress but couldn’t be directed. And always I wanted to help people.

I kept writing and was published in magazines and edited a weekly newspaper in my twenties. My love for dance and theater combined and led me to become a performance artist presenting my own dances and writings in Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, Greenville, SC, and Los Angeles, CA. As I lived a creative gypsy life, I worked for non-profit organizations and did help people.

When I returned to college, to complete my degree everyone assured me would increase my income, I discovered storytelling and made it my major. After graduation, I built up a resume of storytelling performances in a few states but was still working part-time for a non-profit. When the financial security that job provided ended I had a mid-life crisis and became a registered nurse.

But I never stopped writing or storytelling. As I worked in my last nursing job, as a case manager, I knew I could do more with the talents and knowledge given to me. I pursued countless online classes, webinars, and tribes. Finally, I discovered, the business I have to offer the world has always been with me – storytelling.

Storytelling enables me to share all of my talents, interests, skills, knowledge, experience and abilities to be of service. As a storyteller, I am a

  • performing artist
  • healer
  • teacher
  • reporter
  • scholar
  • activist
  • researcher
  • leader
  • spiritual guide
  • marketer
  • sales person

Maybe I can meet your needs, in one or more of those storytelling roles. Do you need

  • an interesting and entertaining speaker
  • an enlightening and enjoyable employee motivation session
  • a way to craft a new story for yourself or your organization
  • someone to present a complex topic in an engaging manner
  • to learn how to tell a better story?

Just call 907-229-0187 or e-mail to discuss how storytelling can help you achieve your goals.